The Designer

Eleni Dimitriadi, a jewelry originator with a unique and powerful avantgarde style, founded Art Wear Dimitriadis in 1983. Her passion for creating dynamic and energetic jewelry pieces is perfectly in sync with the theatricality of the plays and movies for which she designs. Eleni Dimitriadi translates the inspiration she finds in the glamour of the theater and the beauty of the modern day princesses into her technique for integrating Greek inspiration and baroque designs in her work.

Swarovski collaboration.

Art Wear Dimitriadis have took part in many of Swarovski “Crystallized Cosmos”, events that have creations of the biggest designers in the world as J.Galliano, Jean Paul Gautier, Paco Rabanne. Mrs Eleni Dimitriadi participates, creates and receives the best critics. In each “Crystallized Cosmos” that follows the jewelry of Artwear Dimitriadis take place with splendor there.